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About me

contrust-in is an international consulting firm, and foreign trade network. Since 2010, the team accompanied by the owner André Walther company in entering international markets and in all business issues.

André Walther, listed consultant with KfW, ACFA, RKW Sachsen and Ellipsis, over 10 years even worked as middle-class entrepreneurs.

Mr. Walther also can demonstrate the following references:

  • Diploma in Business Administration (BA)
  • Certified Foreign Trade Advisor
  • Certified consultant for corporate succession (in training)
  • Certified consultant for hedge price risks
  • Recognized KfW start-up coach
  • Member INUR e.V.
  • Associate Member of CHANCE-MALL-Group
  • Associate Member of SANET-Group

André Walther

Daniel Biegala

Daniel Biegala
Head of Hedging

Wu Bo

Wu Bo
Director China